My First Trimester Recap


Now that I am in my last week of the second trimester, I suppose it's finally time to write up my FIRST trimester recap that I've been wanting to post! Hey, better late than never right?!

It's been a crazy couple of months between the pregnancy and starting a new job just over a month ago so cooking/posting/recipe testing have all fallen wayside. However, I do want to document stages of my pregnancy even if I'm the only person who ends up reading it because it has been such a special and magical time. As I've mentioned on my Instagram, it has been a long and heartbreaking journey to get here - perhaps I'll expand more on this in future blog posts, but we've lost three pregnancies prior to this one. Needless to say, my first trimester was full of anxiety and worry amid happiness as we hoped and prayed that this baby would be healthy. It was really only after our 20-week anatomy scan that I breathed a big sigh of relief that everything is looking great and our baby girl (!) is growing right on track. Now I feel like I am enjoying the pregnancy so much more, especially with baby girl kicking me on the regular. We feel blessed beyond belief and I am so so honored to be able to host my daughter in my belly for nine months as she prepares to join us.

So, let's get into the recap and hope that the second trimester recap will come before the baby does!

First Trimester Progress Photos.jpg


  • Frequent urination: My very first pregnancy symptom! I could not go through the night without getting up to go to the bathroom starting in week 5. Having to go to the bathroom so frequently was not so fun while traveling, but I did appreciate how clean the public restrooms were in Hong Kong!
  • Indigestion: Ugh, not being able to digest food is the worst. Before pregnancy, I generally had some minor indigestion because I inhale my food and don't chew properly, but it has been so much worse during pregnancy. Apple cider vinegar and herbal bitters from Urban Moonshine (they have one that is safe for pregnancy!) have been my saving grace since I didn't want to risk taking digestive enzymes or medications.
  • Minor nausea: We traveled to Korea and Hong Kong to visit my parents during weeks 6-8 and those were some of the toughest weeks! I ended up catching a cold in Hong Kong, so between losing my ability to taste and having minor nausea, food was not fun for me on this trip (which is a MAJOR bummer because Hong Kong has some seriously amazing food). The nausea wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the fact that I caught 3 colds in the span of 1 month during the first trimester and that Hong Kong and Korea have some of the worst traffic congestion in the world - which is no fun for someone who easily gets carsick. Other than the colds and being more carsick than usual, I came out of the first trimester pretty unscathed by nausea - no vomiting or severe morning sickness. 
  • Weakened immune system: As mentioned above, I caught 3 colds within 1 month during the first trimester - which is very unusual for me. The first cold was right when I found out I was first pregnant - right around 4 weeks. Then another cold caught during my trip in Hong Kong 2 weeks later and then another cold a week later when I got back. It was likely the combination of pregnancy and all the traveling that prompted the colds, but I was fortunate to not catch the flu this season!
  • Earlier bedtime: Our bedtime is typically around 11pm, but during the first trimester, I found it difficult to keep my eyes open after 9pm. There were many nights of falling asleep on the couch and heading to bed when my husband woke me up to get ready for bed. 
  • Smell sensitivity: Wow, my sense of smell was so so heightened during the first trimester! I couldn't stand the smell of most soaps, perfumes, and cleaners. I couldn't wear any scented lotions and had to make my husband stop wearing cologne. I'm so glad that this calmed down after the first trimester. 


  • Cravings: Though I didn't have any major cravings where I absolutely needed to eat a particular thing, but there were certain foods that called to me far more than they would have otherwise.
    • Orange juice - freshly squeezed orange juice was my favorite of first trimester. As someone who typically doesn't drink juice (or even eats that much fruit), I couldn't believe how AMAZING orange juice tasted to me. I did frequently dilute the orange juice with sparkling water so I wasn't taking in too much sugar, but I just figured my body needed the Vitamin C.
    • Fruits - as mentioned above, I don't typically eat a lot of fruit on a regular basis. However, during first trimester, I loved all fruits - especially Fuji apples, berries, pineapple, and bananas.
    • Gummy candies - I've heard that this is a common pregnancy craving. I think it's also related to the Vitamin C thing as I mostly wanted sour gummy candies. I avoided anything with artificial coloring or high fructose corn syrup, but did treat myself to some naturally colored gummy candies from Whole Foods.
    • Egg salad - this is actually a craving that I had, but never ended up eating. For a few days, I wanted egg salad so badly! I went out to the store and bought all the ingredients, but never ended up making it. The craving passed after a few days and then I was over it - pregnancy cravings are so weird.
    • Sandwiches - I really wanted sandwiches during the first trimester, but never ended up really eating it because I couldn't find any cooked deli meat sandwich options when I was out. I think I made myself a sandwich once at home with some cooked pastrami, but it's something I just daydreamed about than actually indulged in.
    • Udon - I think this was because I just wanted carbs and broth. I probably had like 2 or 3 bowls of udon the whole first trimester, but just another random thing I wanted to eat that I wouldn't otherwise have craved.
  • Aversions: Fortunately, I didn't have too many aversions in the first trimester. More than the taste, I couldn't stand the smell of certain things, but once I was eating, I could generally get over it. 
    • Raw onions - I could eat raw onions, but could not stand the aftertaste of them! I would even brush my teeth multiple times after consuming raw onions, but couldn't get the aftertaste out of my mouth that I had to just avoid raw onions all together. This was particularly the worst with green onions/scallions - I hated those more than anything!
    • Seafood - I am generally a huge seafood fan, so I was bummed out when the thought of seafood was just gross to me, especially because it is so good for you in pregnancy. This was particularly the case with shellfish, particularly crab or lobster. 
    • Chocolate, ice cream, and most sweets - other than fruit and gummy candy, I honestly didn't want anything sweet. This has never happened to me before, but it was a welcome change from my usual sweet tooth!
    • Smell of coffee - I could not stand the smell of coffee, but drinking it was fine. I probably had less than half of cup of coffee per day during the first trimester because I just didn't really want it and the smell really drove me crazy. 

Fitness: For the most part, I was able to keep up with my regular fitness routine. Other than taking some days off while I was sick, I kept up with my usual routine, including Barry's Bootcamp, Orange Theory, and some CrossFit classes. I didn't really need to modify any movements in the first trimester and had really great energy.

Weight Gained: I had gained about 3 pounds by the end of the first trimester.

Overall, I was very fortunate to have a relatively easy first trimester. I have to admit though that second trimester is so much more FUN because I am really able to embrace pregnancy. Hopefully I will get the second trimester recap up before the baby is born - ha! Thank you for reading and following along!